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Sights and Sounds

Please turn your speakers on and a fast connection, Enjoy (These are large files,  worth the wait. Click on frame to advance)

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Nabi Daniel Presentation  

A presentation created September 2005. When  the dialogue appears click OPEN and then Click on Read Only) 

 Courtesy Dr. Ahmed Abdel Azim El Shiekh and Mr. Elie Kheder

The Egyptian Castle - Arabic Music - Arabic Singers

Layla Murad

Daoud Hosni

 الموسيقار الملحن داوود حسنى

Daoud Hosni -- Music Composer

 1870 - 1937

The Commemoration of Daoud Hosn

Arabic Version

A_walk_in_Cairo  wonderful Kanoun  music in the background 
A walk through Alexandria Dalida singing in the background 
CAIRO CINEMAS Photos and texts by Jacques Menasche 
Victor Stoloff 

Cinemas in Egypt and Films

By; Joe Rossano

“Mickey Mouse got an Egyptian brother"

First Frenkel Brothers animated film


Mish Mish The first animation produced in Egypt 1935 by the Frenkel Bros. in PDF format. This is a large file please be patience




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