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 Egypt to ask for museums abroad to send artifacts

To All Museums, Cultural and Educational Agencies

The HSJE does not recommend TRUSTING any promises made by any Egyptian Authority pending the release of our religious and community relics held by Egypt.


"Since HSJE was founded we asked repeatedly to be allowed to scan all Jewish community documents left in Egypt, such as the ones presented above. The Egyptian Government turned us down every time. We wonder: WHY?

Is Egypt so insecure that it feels the historical documents of its former Jewish residents constitute a threat? Is it not enough that it thoroughly despoiled its Jews without so much as token restitution, an apology, and an acknowledgment of the great contributions of Jews in building modern Egypt?

Is it necessary to also deny us basic information about our forebears?

Considering how much good will such a gesture would generate, and considering its low cost (cost to Egypt: Zero), it is surprising that Egypt does not see it in its national interest to grant this request."


Ark, Pahad Ishak, CairoNewly arrived pictures of the Synagogues in Egypt. Pay special attention as to the conditions of the synagogues CairoJewishHeritage(2MBslideshow).pdf


It is the SOLE  responsibility of the Department of Antiquity in Egypt to restore the synagogues to their original state, since Egypt claims that all Jewish assets have been placed under their protection, and jurisdiction. (HSJE)


Correspondence to Relocate Our Judaic Heritage from Egypt


We must let it be known up-front that we are quite firm in our resolve of getting back all our civil records and religious artifacts. No bargaining, this is our sacred religious heritage that we are reclaiming




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