The Historical Society of Jews from Egypt Appeals




The Historical Society of Jews from Egypt

Appeals to World's Leaders regarding  the violent attacks on Israel by Hamas and Hizbullah


We, as Egyptian Jews, ought never forget that Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that welcomed us upon our dispersion, provided us with citizenship, homes,  and employment,  while restoring our dignity and freedom.


In spite of the injustices and harm inflicted upon us in the past, we do remember the warm relations we had with many of our neighbors and friends in Egypt, and we hope that this pattern of good relationships will be a model to the Middle East.


Today, our brothers in Israel and the Israeli people suffer from regrettable events.   Their children are kidnapped, and their towns and villages are attacked with missiles.  


Today we, like other Americans and other peace loving people all over the world,  are indignant: the country of refuge to so many Jews from Arab countries, Israel, withdrew from Lebanon, and was attacked.  Israel withdrew from Gaza, and was attacked. 


We therefore are morally obligated to ask the government of our country of birth, Egypt, the most important Arab country, to condemn the attacks by Hizbullah and Hamas terrorists on civilians in the Jewish state.  Must the Jewish refugees who found haven in Israel, and their neighbors who helped them settle there, now be harmed? 


We ask Egypt to acknowledge that what Israel is doing in this war against terror will in the long run help the Lebanese people come up from under the boots of Hizbullah terrorists, and those of their masters in Syria and Iran?


We also thank President Bush for his steadfast support for the Jewish State,  and praise him for his moral clarity.


We support the Israeli people in this war, we send our condolences to the families in Israel and the United States of those who lost their life in the war against terror, express our wishes of quick recovery to those who were wounded and pray for a quick end of this war and the realization of the divine words: Peace Be Upon the United States and Israel .