Ahaba ve Ahva

New Building Inaugurated September 2008

Established in Cairo, Egypt 1928

4 Midan el Daher Cairo, Egypt. It's first Gabaii was Haim Soliman

Egypt 1949-50 - Pictures © provided by Mr. Albert Savdie (1996)

Rabbi Mounir Saad, Raabi Abraham Choueka, Albert Savdie

Rabbi Saad Mounir(in black and a tarboush), Rabbi Abraham Choueka (middle in black), Albert Savdie (far right), .. others unknown. Picture taken between October 1956 and before 1957. 

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef front row in middle,
First row right ALBERT AGAMI - X-David Agami, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Lily Agami -X- Joseph Hamaoui (SOUSOU)
Second row right Mimo Esses, #  4 Albert Khodari - x- Albert Beyda, Choueka, Salamon Sakkal
Top Maurice antebi (1950)

The Ahaba ve Ahva synagogue is the first Jewish Egyptian congregation in the United States. Established in 1963 on a rented space provided by the Magen David congregation on 2066 67 street in Brooklyn NY 11204. 

Its first rabbi was Halfon Savdie, with a committee made up of Mr. Gabriel Chehebar, Joseph Barnathan, Salomon Harari, Joseph Hamaoui, Joseph Soffer, Chaya Israel, Isaac Salem, Saul Chamoula.

In 1977 Rabbi Halfon Savdie moved to Israel and was succeeded by Rabbi David Choueka, followed by Rabbi Jacob Israel. In 1984 Rabbi Shimon Hai Alouf serving as rabbi of the congregation and Chief rabbi of the Jews From Egypt.

Rabbi David Choueka accepting the deed

Rabbi David Choueka accepting the deed of the Ahaba for a new building from Mr. Edmund Saffra pres. of Republic National Bank. The ceremony took place in the second floor of the Young Israel of Ocean Parkway.

Ahaba ve Ahva at 1801 Ocean Parkway

In 1979 the congregation moved to its new building 1801 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11223



Rabbi Ovadia Yosef visit to the Ahaba ve Ahva

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Visiting Rabbi Obadia Yosef Chief Rabbi of Israel is being rosted by Hacham Joseph Hamoui Front looking up is Mr. Chaya Israel, next to Gabriel Chehebar, Rabbi Jacob Kassin sitting on left next to Rabbi Rubin, center is Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Chief Rabbi of Israel speaker is Joseph Hamaoui Rabbi Halfon Savdie is next and Isaac Salem on right standing. -1975

Rabbi Kalmanovitch of Mir Yeshiva addressing the Ahaba ve Ahva congregation during the inaugural of the new synagogue