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Date June 19, 2006
Name Silvana Mander
Email mailto:smander@bhsusa.com
Home Page  
City New york
State New york
Country USA
Comments My name is Silvana Mander ,nee TOUEG. Was born in Cairo in 1954, moved to Geneva, then Milano Italy and now New York for over 29 years. Would love to hear from Egyptians who attended the Lycee Francais in Milano in the mid 60's up to early 70's.

Date May 30, 2006
Name Eleonore M
Email mailto:loulaha@bellsouth.net
Home Page  
City D
State Florida
Country USA
Comments Ce Site m'a ramené aux années de ma jeunesse. Il y a pourtant tant de personnes qui n'y sont pas mentionnés. Mon nom est peu commun. J'ai vaicu à Alexandrie jusqu'en 1958 puis a Paris jusqu'en 1961. J'ai etudié au Lycée Français et a l'Union Juive. Si vous vous rappelez de mon nom, prière de me contacter. J'ai retrouvé Albert Dassa, qui était en classe avec moi. Je cherche à retrouver beaucoup de personnes avec qui j'ai perdu le contact, Keep signing... may be one day we will find each other again.

Date May 23, 2006
Name Aviva Raisun
Email mailto:home@capeholidays.co.za
Home Page  
City Milnerton
State Cape Town
Country South Africa
Comments My family came from Alexandria, Egypt. This very informative page brought tears to my eyes.Keep up the good work.Thank you.

Date May 23, 2006
Name Christophe
Email mailto:noemail@anciensducaire.com
Home Page www.anciensducaire.com
City Greenwood Village
State CO
Country US
Comments Le site des anciens du Caire: http://www.anciensducaire.com/

Date May 22, 2006
Name tarik hammam
Email mailto:bws_58@yahoo.com
Home Page yahoo
City giza
State giza
Country Egypt
Comments to know u better

Date May 11, 2006
Name Abraham Levy
Email mailto:aalevy@rcn.com
Home Page 30 Nardone Rd
City Newton
State MA
Country U S A
Comments Please who can tell me about the film by the name The Forgtten Refugees by(The David Project) Thank you Abe Levy

Date May 9, 2006
Name Arnaldo Attallah
Email mailto:aattallah@gmail.com
Home Page  
City Toronto
State Ontario
Country Canada
Comments Friendship and Sympathy to all. I was born in Suez (Egypt) and studied at Don Bosco (Rod-el-Farag, Cairo), emigrated to Canada in 1969.

Date May 4, 2006
Name Amanda
Email mailto:Pads1@dsl.pipex.com
Home Page  
City London
State Middlesex
Country United Kingdom
Comments Hello My Mother was born in Cairo Egypt in 1953. Her nationality is Italian. Her mothers maiden name was Godolia. Does this name have any Jewish Roots? If anyone knows i would grateful appreciate it!! Great Site Great

Date April 30, 2006
Name Stephen Gross
Email mailto:stephen144@earthlink.net
Home Page  
City Providence
State RI
Country USA
Comments I came across your site after searching for an illustrator Jacob Landau. My younger brother married into the Brooklyn Arab Jewish community coincidentally after I had studied Egyptian Arabic at Brown University and had dated an Egyptian Jewish girl, Hasna. It's nice to see that there is a scholarly website like this. Congratulations.

Date April 27, 2006
Email mailto:alaa2gani@yahoo.com
Home Page yahoo
City cairo
State cairo
Country egypt
Comments it is a wonderful site, i am very glad to feel that the egyptian jewish still remember egypt with good feelings in spite of what had happened from the officers of 1952, i feel sorry for their leave and with them good luck,,, we all suffuered from those officers and their bad policies.

Date April 25, 2006
Name omar sedky
Email mailto:osedky@alumni.vanderbilt.edu
Home Page  
City menlo park
State california
Country usa
Comments I was born in Egypt in 1969 and I grew up in Cairo. I realized after leaving Egypt that whole chapters of our (recent) history were either omitted or altered and destroyed. Especially about the jewish egyptian community. I am glad that I came across this web site. It is very educational and an eye opener.

Date April 24, 2006
Name Leslie H Silverman
Email mailto:brandoeyes1@yahoo.com
Home Page  
City Long Branch
State nj
Country u s a
Comments may the rabbi rest in peace

Date April 17, 2006
Name Elie Mangoubi
Email mailto:ecmangoubi@aol.com
Home Page  
City Chicago
State Illinois
Country USA
Comments It is time to speak about the great injustice that was done against the Jews of Egypt. Most of us have left Egypt between 1948 and 1971. We have remained silent over the years, thinking that the past is dead( el a fat mat). We have been displaced from Egypt our home country and like most displaced people we have suffered. This site allows a lot of people to reconnect, to talk about what has happened while we are still around. The world needs to know what has happened to us as well as the jews from other arab countries countries. My hope is that healing, reconciliation and peace will occur one day.

Date April 16, 2006
Name joseph pinto
Email mailto:pintoparis@yahoo.fr
Home Page  
City paris
State france
Country FRANCE
Comments I WOULD LIKE to know more about the Pinto family which migrated from Aleppo to Egypt

Date April 16, 2006
Name Paul Johan
Email mailto:chrono_netv@yahoo.co.uk
Home Page http://merchant.50webs.com/
City Dallas
State Tx
Country USA
Comments Nice site Thanks

Date April 15, 2006
Name kalamaro lucy(EX BELBEL)
Email mailto:kalamaro@netvision.net.il
Home Page  
City rishon le zion
State tel aviv
Country israel
Comments we left a lot of money in egypt when we left- i am Italian and i'm very interested how i can demand about our loss. i have signed do #$@%! from the egyptian gov. in my hands about our money-pls advise if there is a procedure to follow-tks

Date April 14, 2006
Name Hany Abou-El-Fotouh
Email mailto:hanyfotouh@yahoo.com
Home Page  
City Muscat
State Oman
Country Oman
Comments Condolences to my friend Elie Kheder and the family for the sad demise of his fatherý

Date April 12, 2006
Name Blanche (nee Cohen) Sachs
Email mailto:blanchecsachs@Yahoo.com
Home Page  
City Randallstown
State Maryland
Country USA
Comments Thank you for the site. Enjoyed reading comments, stories and names. Some names sound familiar. Abou Teboul Laurette (?) was a classmaate of mine at the American College for Girls in the 1940's but I don't know where she is now. I also heard the name of the Chalom family who were lawyers.

Date April 11, 2006
Email mailto:IMR35@MSN.COM
Home Page MSN
State CA

Date April 11, 2006
Name Hazan vollant
Email mailto:ihazan@winimage.com
Home Page  
City France
State paris
Country paris
Comments Thanks for your site

Date April 11, 2006
Email mailto:davido428@hotmail.com
Home Page  
Country FRANCE
Comments I would like to find some people who know the family TEBOUL or ABOUTEBOUL from CAIRO and also family OUIZMAN or OUZOUMAN ! I would like to know also if there is a website which show the jews grave in CAIRO thanks a lot David

Date April 10, 2006
Name Anton A Mazko
Email mailto:dennysss@tut.ru
Home Page http://www.postroim.info/
State NO
Country UA
Comments Thank you for this site. Hope to see more and more in the future.

Date April 8, 2006
Name Yacoub Elgamil
Email mailto:elgamil@yahoo.com
Home Page  
City Skokie
State Illinois
Country USA
Comments I was in prison in Abu Zaabal, Tora and Kanater for 2 years. My brother's name Joe Elgamil is in the list and I would like to add my name to the list as well. They were very memorable years of my life and I would like to commemorate and be a part of this distinguished list of men during this time in our history.

Date April 7, 2006
Name Mohammad
Email mailto:mohammed_abdo86@yahoo.com
Home Page yahoo.com
City Almandara
State Alexandria
Country Egypt
Comments I`m Moslem Egyptian man . I about to finish Pd.D about the Jewish activity in Egypt through 19 century. and I need do #$@%! and records related to that time . If you can help me tell me

Date April 7, 2006
Name Mohamed Hussein
Email mailto:tv_media1@hotmail.com
Home Page www.aswantv.net
City Vienna
State vienna
Country Austria
Comments Iam a Muslem from Egypt but I love the arab jews. I wish you all the best. Mohamed Hussein