HSJE Reply to NGO at Durban

By; Robert Barzelay & friends.

Open letter to all those caring organizations and individuals that produced that blatant racist NGO declaration in Durban, South Africa, today – 2 September 2001.

By specifically seeking out Jews to condemn them -and only them- in the same, repugnant manner as the Nazi’s did last century, you have managed to place yourselves on par with those Fascist lowlifes whose aim was the total extermination of the Jews, something the Romans, Christians, Muslims and Communists were not able to accomplish during the past 20 centuries, no matter how hard they tried.
By focusing on Israel alone, you explicitly ignore the plight of millions and millions of real victims of racism, tyranny and oppression. Any fool can understand that your reprehensible anti-Israel and anti-Semitic declaration is an unambiguous encouragement to persecute Jews again.

You must surely be longingly awaiting the follow-up Kristallnacht. We wonder whether you will be actively participating with the genuine racists and fanatic assassins you so futilely incited, or just watch the developments on TV from the comfort of your couch. How low can your integrity sink, even remotely thinking that by condemning the Jews, all human problems in the world will automatically vanish? A real déja-vu. Wouldn’t it be great to solve the world’s problems by making Israel just disappear, and annihilate those pesky Jews -and why not those handful Middle Eastern Christians too? You don’t seem to care one iota, anyway. You must be ready to play Santa Claus, and offer Israel to those gentle, peace-loving, egalitarian and righteous Palestinian masses. I assume you are already preparing yourselves with the necessary slogans (to save your skin): “Long live the Muslims, may your men rule my life, may your martyrs take our women and children, may your mosques flourish in my backyard. Here, take all you want, and may peace be upon you.”

You know that Israel is amongst the world’s top 5 nations (in percentage per capita) where it regards giving humanitarian aid, in spite of the fact that certain international aid organizations still not recognize Israel, let alone want to work side by side with them. From time to time our charitable aid is even denied for political reasons. You know that we have volunteer medical personnel working in many African, Latin American and Asian countries, for which we sometimes have to bribe local government officials to allow us to give that aid. Israel spends more money and offers more physical help than all Arab nations together. If you were a genuine humanitarian organization, you would work with us, not against us to placate a handful of violent extremists. You know what Israel and Jewish humanitarian organizations do to help the deprived and disadvantaged. You know that we have spent more than any organization or country in the Palestinian territories.

Your loathsome declaration has made you lose track of what your organizations really stand for. Do you exist to help the needy, or to render lip service to political extortion? Do you really think that we Jews are warmongers and want nothing else than the death of all Arabs and Muslims, the destruction of Islam, and, what the heck, let’s throw in the eradication of Christianity too?

If Arafat and his cronies don’t want to deal with us, don’t want to sit around the same table as us, well, too bad. The Palestinians can have their Palestine, with or without Arafat. They can have it tomorrow, if they want. The problem is, that Egyptian mercenary, Arafat with his charming 17 terrorist organizations don’t want any Palestine at all. They weren’t interested in 1947, and they never established a Palestinian state when they had the land between 1948 and 1967. They didn’t want to accept any solution from 1993 until today. All they want is the world’s attention, their 40 minutes every day on TV, but especially those millions in charitable contributions from the USA, the European Union and the Arab nations, from domestic extortion, international drug trafficking, weapon deals, and, not to forget, from YOU, the NGO’s!!!

All we, Israelis, want is just to be left in peace.
Most of us have had enough, of this way of life, fearing a suicide bomb explosion, a mortar or sniper attack at every given moment. We have had enough. Let us live our lives, let us have our tiny speck of land. Even if it is a must that all Arab countries be Judenrein (which is virtually the case already), so be it. We already absorbed a million Jewish refugees from Arab countries, and another 2 million from other places where we were not wanted. We will somehow manage to get our fellow citizens out of Gaza and the West Bank, even though most cities there have centuries of Jewish heritage. If you’re not wanted, and rather see you dead, well, then you have to take the consequences. We’d rather live quietly, than die violently for a religious tomb or your old house, even if rightfully yours.

But there is a limit, and that is called ISRAEL: we will fight for our country, for our only way to survive, for our lives.

We are a 52-years young, democratic nation that surely still has to learn how to deal with certain social problems. Our government is democratically chosen, our citizens have equal rights and equal representation, as is the case in (just) 38% of the world. Israel has freedom of religion and speech: we don’t jail nor execute journalists, university professors and demonstrators because they happen to have another view. We are the only country in the world where its road signs are in 3 languages: Hebrew, Arabic and English: what more evidence of a multi-cultural, multi-racial society. We recognize that we are not infallible, and are willing to learn to improve our relationship with all segments of our population, but we will not self-destruct.

The past 12 months we have started to feel annoyed, seeing, reading and hearing over and over and over again how we are portrayed as the villains of the world, how our flag and effigies of our school buses and political leaders are burned, how little kids are forced to parade in front of TV cameras, showing how they are “willing” to be a suicide bomber and assassinate Jews, how crazed those “peaceful” demonstrators are vowing to kill all Jews, how distorted history has become with denials of the Holocaust, Judaism, yes, even Jews themselves, how frightening it is to hear those heroic songs, sermons by Mufti’s, and by heads of Arab states, inciting their fellow Muslims to eradicate every single Jew, and promising all martyrs perpetual life in heaven with 74 virgins.
Yes, we are angry, and, yes, we are frightened.

Thank you for your focus on us, Jews and Israel. You are not only making life hard for us, but apparently you have made it very difficult for yourselves as well. We are sure that somehow, sometime you see that realism is required to do what you stand for, and not hotheaded fanaticism. We wish you luck trying to get yourselves out of this quagmire.

Robert Barzelay & friends.

Historical Society of Jews From Egypt

PO BOX 230445

Brooklyn, NY 11223

FAX # 718-998-2497