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birth, as the free world has done with other Jewish communities; and, incredibly,
4.  Egypt is currently trying to pilfer what little is left of the Jewish heritage in Egypt.

Mr. Ambassador, we strongly believe it is time for reconciliation and for taking bold action that benefits everyone, as President Sadat did in 1977. We respect Egypt, but we can no longer remain silent while our heritage is
placed in dusty rooms alongside ancient Egyptian mummies.  As the last generation of Jews that lived in Egypt , we sincerely propose to find a way to link again Egyptian Jews and their descendants with Egypt. 
Our proposal of moving the religious articles and copies of the documentation of the Jewish Community in Egypt to an institution in the United States will benefit Egypt as well.   Millions of people, Americans and non-Americans, Jews and non-Jews, will visit it, providing an excellent foothold for Egypt in the United States.  It could become a sort of "embassy" of which Egypt can be proud.  Many of its visitors may decide to extend their knowledge by visiting Egypt itself and developing the Egyptian Tourism Industry. By contrast, no benefit will come to Egypt from leaving these religious articles in dusty cases or shelves in the Antiquities Authorities, or in closed synagogues containing religious articles that can't be used.  It is a win-win proposition for all concerned. 

We ask Egypt to return what little is left of our heritage before it's lost.

We delayed our response until we were able to compile our constituents' reactions to your letter.  As you know, the Historical Society of Jews from Egypt (HSJE) acts on behalf of its members, the Jews from Egypt around the world and their descendants.  We believe that, to avoid any further deterioration in the relationship between Egypt and the Jews from Egypt, a meeting between you and members of the HSJE ought to be held as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,

The HSJE committee and its Regional Officers


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Joseph E. Mosseri                                                 Desire L. Sakkal   
Secretary                                                               President

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